Honda PILOT 5-DOOR Years

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The Honda Pilot is the largest SUV in the lineup from the brand. It has been manufactured by the company since 2002. The design and concept were aimed at being successful primarily in the North American market. The car features three-row seating. The Pilots were first produced in Ontario until 2007, when they were moved to production in Alabama. The car shares the same platform as the Acura MDX and the Odyssey minivan. The car has unibody construction and independent suspension. The goal of this is to give the SUV handling similar to a car versus an SUV. The design of the Pilot was done by Ricky Hsu through 1999. The car accommodates up to eight passengers. Rear seats can be folded back as needed. A facelift to the vehicle happened in 2006. The second generation was introduced in 2008 and was larger. If you’re driving a Honda Pilot, be sure you’re using only OEM parts on it. OEM parts and accessories are designed to fit your specific vehicle and will last a longer period of time. You can get them here at Honda Parts Wholesale.