Honda ODYSSEY 5-DOOR Years

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There are a ton of high quality and well-known vehicles in the Honda lineup. The Honda Odyssey is a minivan that has been manufactured since 1994. The idea for the vehicle was first generated in Japan. This happened during the economic crisis of the 1990s. There were many constraints placed on the size and concept. This meant that not a ton of modifications could be made to the vehicle. The Odyssey became a smaller minivan that was in the compact MPV class. Honda eventually built a manufacturing plant in Alabama so they could produce larger versions of the Odyssey for the North American market. The smaller Odyssey has been produced in Japan since it did well on the market there. The Odyssey, when introduced, was the first minivan produced by the brand. It was based on the Accord platform. The second generation was produced from 1999-2004. If you drive an Odyssey, no matter the generation, you want to be sure to use OEM parts and accessories on it, so they’ll fit properly. We have a great selection of genuine Honda parts here on our site.