Honda CR-V 5-DOOR Years

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The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV that has been produced by the brand since 1995. It was introduced on the North American market in 1997. The car uses the Civic platform with an SUV body design. It’s a mid-range utility vehicle that fits between the HR-V and the Pilot in the lineup. The CR-V stands for “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.” The car was the first in-house sport utility vehicle designed by Hiroyuki Kawase. In Japan, it was known as a luxury vehicle due to the design of the exterior. It only had one trim level in the beginning. The first generation was produced from 1996-2001. The second generation was produced from 2002-2006 and had a full redesign. The third generation was produced from 2006-2011, the fourth from 2011-2016, and the fifth was introduced in 2017. The car has remained popular in the lineup for a long time. Investing in OEM parts for your CR-V will ensure it lasts a long time and is able to perform well. You can find the best genuine Honda parts for your car here at Honda Parts Wholesale.